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Monday, February 1st, 2010

FIREBALL MINISTRY’S self titled Fourth album (to be released on March 16th) is their best Album since the Second Great Awakening and in some ways maybe even better (this debate may go on in my mind for eternity) They did so many things right with this album that it shows a new maturity in they’re recording career that makes me proud to declare myself a fan. There are only ten tracks, which is almost always the most any band should put forth into the ether, furthermore they are all great or at least very good songs. This is the first of their four albums that really sheds the Black Sabbath overtone in favor of their own unique brand of low down swamp rock peppered with surprise vocal pop hooks (which is a good thing by the way) and sweet and sour guitar play brandished by James A. Rota and Emily J. Burton. The rhythm section is in fantastic hard pounding form with John. G Oreshnick on Drums and Johny (why don’t I get to have a middle initial?) Chow on bass. The Reverend James A. Rota Has managed to calm his vocal delivery quite a bit since their last effort with a delightfully authentic effect. Now to the Album! Well, produced by Andrew Alekel with a very analog feel and minimal overdubs or should I say more importantly no pointless overdubs. Hard Line starts thing off with a straight ahead reminder of who this band is, loud and proud with a great sing along chorus could see it rotating on what’s left of terrestrial radio. That being said the real single in my opinion is Thought It Out which is an unapologetic hook fest, the perfect vehicle to pull in new fans for Fireball Ministry who are still essentially what we used to call an album rock band. Kick back moves like a good old Molly Hatchet “flirtin With Disaster” southern ass-kicker while Sleeping With Angels is a dreamy ballad worthy or several listens on that rainy day when it seems like nothings ever gonna work out. In Their Own Right closes the record out just like it started with a bang! Fantastic track all around with a great fade out at the end with a promise of more Fireball to come! Overall I must say this is a realized, concise, authentic and passionate realese that is worthy of critical acclaim but more importantly Fireball Ministry are a ham and egg band for the people of the rock and roll community which we should all celebrate with the volume up!
4.5 out of 5 Anarchy Speakers