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Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Day Of Fire’s new album Losing All starts with an awwwwwww yeah that could have been on a Dr. Dre record back in the day but then builds into an almost Gun’s N Roses hype before kicking full bore into track one Light Em Up. While there is really nothing new here what you do get is a well crafted rock song that makes things clear, Josh Brown is a singer of range and power, Joe Pangallo will rip your balls of with his ax pounding (if you are female, he will rip your girl balls off) Chris Pangallo on Bass and Zach Simms on drums are a settled rhythm section as good as any out there. All of the songs (except Strange) have sing song chorus’s with the most effective being Light Em Up, Hello Heartache, Cold Addiction, Hey You and Never Goodbye. That’s five out of thirteen, which if you are realistic is an amazing average (besides the rest of the songs all have something of their own worth checking out) My pick for best song hands down is Never Goodbye which is a beautiful power ballad full of thoughtful guitar as well as a real format to spotlight Josh Brown on vocals (not to mention the best production on the record) When I first heard the final track The Dark Hills I noticed Jesus working in the lyrics so I needed to take a closer look to make sure what the agenda was, what I found is that lyrically it starts out as a foxhole prayer for the terrified but eventually ends with an affirmation of faith which takes guts and which I think is important in these dark times (doesn’t matter what your faith is by the way). So basically these guys rock in a STP, Alice In Chains kind of way with enough authenticity to not get bogged down by their influences. The only thing I don’t love is the vocal effect treatment as I feel Josh Brown’s voice speaks for itself and doesn’t need all that fake distortion nonsense featured on some of the songs. So in closing my rock and roll family I leave you with this: This album could do well for these guys because there is enough possibility for commercial application. More importantly to me, this album gives me that special feeling I rarely get… I wan’t to see Day Of Fire play live!… I Just got a feeling they would bring it.

3.5 Out of
5 Anarchy Speakers

Orianthi – Believe

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Orianthi Panagaris now known simply as Orianthi is best known for being a guitarist in Michael Jackson’s band for the tour that never was. Orianthi was featured in This Is It the making of the tour that never was and showed immediately why Michael gave her the nod, quite simply she may be the best female hard rock lead guitar player…. umm…. ever, and she’s only 24!
Believe is the new record from this six string female phenom and let’s make no mistake this is a pop record. Does it rock? Yes, no, sort of, I’m not sure, but no. The first track According To You is what you would expect for a first single with the old boyfriend was mean new one is nice story line. For what it is it’s a good track with a fantastic solo that illustrates her virtuosity and should do pretty well for her exposure wise. The next track Suffocated is definitely the best rock track, again with a good sing along chorus and tasty guitar licks. Track three Bad News is in the same universe as the first two but not as strong. Track four Believe is where the trouble starts, what may have started as a fun gooey pop rock record suddenly veers off into a Shania Twain crossover record, for this I blame the producer. The production of the record is pop 101 (which means it is over compressed and almost devoid of feeling) I guess it makes sense because she’s 24 and cute and probably has people “advising” her. I’n reality her guitar playing gives her away… she belongs to rock and roll and this record is not rock and roll. Track seven tries to return to the promise of the first three tracks but just can’t quite get their even though it has big guitars. Track ten Highly Strung is the I love Steve Vai thing, it does showcase just how dang good she is (and Vai) but as with most of the songs it continues to muddle the waters as to what kind of record this is supposed to be. Her voice is good but super produced in a way that she just can’t do live, it’s not that she has a bad voice it’s just a little thin. Bottom line is this, if she does well with this record than we can look forward to more uninspired pop poop with a few fun-ish songs. If it just does okay (maybe through divine intervention)? Then maybe, just maybe she sheds the Disney pop pretense in favor of a real exploration into soulful rock and roll… or if nothing else she can always play in someone else’s band again. Here is a thought; female super group with Orianthi on guitar, Pearl Aday on vocals, Dale Anne Brendon on drums (saw her on youtube, she’s sick) and for now how about Paz Lenchantin on Bass… do we have a deal or what? So at the end of the day this is a forgettable record but on a bright note my daughter loves the first three songs which makes me smile… she’s almost 5.

2.0 out of 5 Anarchy Speakers


Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Vessel is an album rock band pure and simple, the five songs represented here read more as a demo than an official release. That being said Vessel is a sleeping giant with something very compelling about them. Imagine yourself on a deserted freeway at three in the morning driving away from the worst moment of your life when suddenly in the drowning rain a warm feeling comes over you and you know at that moment that life goes on and that everything will be all right. This is what I get from frontman, guitarist and vocalist Alex O’ Keefe and really from Vessel as a whole. The songs all rise and fall between quite desperation and wall of guitar dropped g fury. My picks are track 1 You Are The Ocean and Track 3 Mnemosyne (the most radio friendly song and you name it this? Sure that’s easy to remember and Pronounce!) The rhythm section is an interesting juxtaposition with unchained beast Nico Bazzoni on drums and David “the sound of reason” Zakharov on bass (the truth is without David’s solid grounding on bass I think they might actually float away) Another interesting touch is Zack Rice who does some weird aural sound scaping that gives them that post nuke dread in the background and between songs. The problem with the record is that you have to let it take hold of you and that takes a few listens which we know in this day and age is very hard to get people to do. There are a million bands out there doing what they do, Vessel is for real, their work ethic is strong and they believe in their message and so do I. There is something important about this band but as of yet I cannot put my finger on it. Recorded and mixed by Rice and O’keef in surprisingly good fashion. What I would like to see is a full ten song concept album produced by the likes of Adam Dutkiewicz… call me nuts but these kids could forge a scene unto themselves, but first their gonna need some help.

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3.5 out of 5 Anarchy Speakers


Monday, February 1st, 2010

FIREBALL MINISTRY’S self titled Fourth album (to be released on March 16th) is their best Album since the Second Great Awakening and in some ways maybe even better (this debate may go on in my mind for eternity) They did so many things right with this album that it shows a new maturity in they’re recording career that makes me proud to declare myself a fan. There are only ten tracks, which is almost always the most any band should put forth into the ether, furthermore they are all great or at least very good songs. This is the first of their four albums that really sheds the Black Sabbath overtone in favor of their own unique brand of low down swamp rock peppered with surprise vocal pop hooks (which is a good thing by the way) and sweet and sour guitar play brandished by James A. Rota and Emily J. Burton. The rhythm section is in fantastic hard pounding form with John. G Oreshnick on Drums and Johny (why don’t I get to have a middle initial?) Chow on bass. The Reverend James A. Rota Has managed to calm his vocal delivery quite a bit since their last effort with a delightfully authentic effect. Now to the Album! Well, produced by Andrew Alekel with a very analog feel and minimal overdubs or should I say more importantly no pointless overdubs. Hard Line starts thing off with a straight ahead reminder of who this band is, loud and proud with a great sing along chorus could see it rotating on what’s left of terrestrial radio. That being said the real single in my opinion is Thought It Out which is an unapologetic hook fest, the perfect vehicle to pull in new fans for Fireball Ministry who are still essentially what we used to call an album rock band. Kick back moves like a good old Molly Hatchet “flirtin With Disaster” southern ass-kicker while Sleeping With Angels is a dreamy ballad worthy or several listens on that rainy day when it seems like nothings ever gonna work out. In Their Own Right closes the record out just like it started with a bang! Fantastic track all around with a great fade out at the end with a promise of more Fireball to come! Overall I must say this is a realized, concise, authentic and passionate realese that is worthy of critical acclaim but more importantly Fireball Ministry are a ham and egg band for the people of the rock and roll community which we should all celebrate with the volume up!
4.5 out of 5 Anarchy Speakers