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Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Welcome to the first Real Rock Awards. 2010 was an interesting year in the all encompassing world of rock and roll and we had a lot to choose from in every category. So without further ado, fanfare, gobbledygook or annoying speeches… Here we go!


This was a no brainer for us. PIERCE THE VEIL // SELFISH MACHINES is proof positive that new technology can be used to make something amazing. Considering what this record went up against (Ozzy, Megadeth, Bad Religion, etc.) it should have been a bit of a shock. It wasn’t… these kids are up to something… and it is big.


Cheri Currie of THE RUNAWAYS fame opened up for Joan Jett and put on one of the best shows I have ever seen. The energy during her set was unbelievable. It is concerts like these that we in the rock world live for. It was a truly unique moment in time. A lot of great bands (big and small) toured in 2010 but for us this was the show to see.


Mike Green… Genius.



I was at this show it was nuts! The DVD and CD are both well mixed and mastered, and seeing Megadeth play songs live that they never had before from arguably their best record is a real treat. Overall a great snapshot from a great tour.


HALFORD “FIRE AND ICE” From Rob Halford solo record MADE OF METAL is an infectious smooth hard rocking sing along that just gets stuck in your craw… and you can’t get it out.


DANZIG “RED DETH SABAOTH” is much more like a SAM HAIN record than what we have become used to from self imposed rock star Glen Danzig. Over the years we have followed Danzig – from his humble iconic beginnings with THE MISFITS – to the slower more moody SAM HAIN – to the height of his solo career: DANZIG ” HOW THE GODS KILL”  - and to the depths of his solo career: DANZIG 4 (also known as ‘Danzig does Nine Inch Nails’). All that being said, Red Deth Sabaoth is a really cool analog sounding sloppy rock and roll mess that is the most authentic thing to come from Glen Danzig in a long, long time. It is a welcome return to what made him great in the first place. He has returned in all his dark glory. Lets hope he keeps it up in 2011.


BENVENUE This was the toughest category because we heard so many great new bands in 2010, but we have agreed that this band  showed the most promise to do something big in 2011.


Really? Come on, be nice.


KENNY COLLINS of  the band LOGAN is pure power.


GREG HAMPTON of the band THE NEW CZARS is a nasty yet totally creative guitar player.

BEST BASS: TOMMY ALDO SONIN from the band BENVENUE knows when to lay back and when to push. Most important however is that he is never boring and always manages to stand out without getting in the way.

BEST DRUMS: GREGORY NASH from the band ADDICTED TO PAIN is perfect on their EP. He hits hard and has flashy moments but really just keeps everything at a razor sharp clip.

MIXING: RANDY STAUB for the band ABUSED ROMANCE mixed what we consider to be the most sonically superior recording of 2010

Well, that’s it folks! Maybe next year we will add more categories… maybe not.

All category winners will receive a giant awesome imaginary prize and the satisfaction that goes along with winning such a prestigious award / (cash value $0)

2010 gets a 3.5 (out of five)

Lets push the envelope people!


Thursday, January 6th, 2011

When I first received the Abused Romance CD I thought: Silly CD title, silly band name but I have nothing better to do so let’s give her a listen. My first thought was this CD is sonically superior to many things I have heard in the MP3 generation and it rocks pretty hard so I won’t dismiss it just yet. The band name Abused Romance and the CD title The Sound Of Violence could not be further description wise from the actual songs therein or the sensitivity of the lyrics. I read that three of the four guys served in the Israeli army so maybe that’s where the violence trip comes from. Its good to be honest but it’s also good to know who you are to other people. This band has more to offer than these things would suggest. The other funny thing is when I imported the Cd it came in as alternative. Alternative to what? Hannah Montana? The Sound Of Violence is anything but alternative.  The songs are super well crafted pop hook infused rock songs with a production value that I could see in just about any current television show or feature film. You would think from the way this review started that this is an EP worth skipping. Not so. I keep finding myself listening to this CD to the point that I have to commit to the fact that this is really a very good EP and a great setup to the full record Shine (due out 2011) The Sound Of Violence EP will be available on I-tunes January 18th and is a good buy for a good range of rockers as their sound varies from hard rock rock to slick pop rock. The Production is fantastic and my only real beef with the producer Justin Grey is the effects on the vocals are so obvious and typical that it makes me wonder if singer Meir Yaniv can really deliver or is it necessary to coat every track with motor oil? (I suspect he can sing and I do find what I think might be his real voice enjoyable and well suited for the band) Okay enough bitching. The only reason I am bugged is that this is a confusing record in the packaging department in that it doesn’t match to the content and that creates a disconnect for me. The first song Vaporize is a radio friendly nicely compressed and restrained song that showcases the great pop craft songwriting as well as the stellar production. Track two Sound Of Violence is more of the same and really no complaints here. Track three Amberlin is a guilty pleasure ballad with a great sing along chorus. Track four Room 2238 was a fantastic move as it shows just how great these guys are as musicians as well as being the perfect intro set up for track five. Room 2238 is an instrumental with an infectious drum beat provided by drummer Roy chen (as well as some truly sick fills!) , a super silky dropped fretless bass line by bassest Aetam Jakob as well as a ridiculously awesome guitar solo that any Slash fan would appreciate by guitarest Amit Ofir. Room 2238 blends in perfectly with the last track Bleeding which is a nice mix of the ballad and the hard rock vibe these guys play with so well. It also includes the great musical refrain from Room 2238. Overall we have great musicians who know when to push and when to lay back, great songwriting and much better than average production that tells me these guys should do well if the word gets out. I will reserve my final judgment of weather I am a fan or not until I hear Shine. After many listens of  the CD The Sound Of Violence I am sure of one thing: There is joy here. The joy of music, the joy of rock and roll and most of all the joy of being alive. Usually music that is this commercially perfect gets on my nerves, not so in this case (okay maybe a little) But I like it. I like it a lot. So even though I kinda wan’t to kick my own ass for liking it this much, it is what it is. Abused Romance The Sound Of Violence is a very good sample from a very good band…Buy it.

4 (out of 5)