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Monday, May 23rd, 2011

The Cars Move Like This is the first new record in 24 years. When Benjamin Orr passed away due to cancer in 2000 I knew that my dream of a Cars reunion was over (much like with the passing of Joe Strummer of The Clash) So when The New Cars project came around without Ric Ocasek I pretended it never happened. When news of a “real” Cars reunion and new record floated my way I was understandably nervous because Orr was one half of the vocals on the six records the band made. First off, Move Like This is a really cool record and thankfully and intelligently the production while updated still fits into The Cars cannon. In a very classy move all of the Bass parts on Move Like This were played by Keyboard guru Greg Hawkes and producer of five of the 10 tracks Jacknife Lee. In the liner notes a nod to Orr reads “Ben your spirit was with us on this one” and I tend to agree. All lead vocals are by Ocasek which is a first but again his voice is easily recognized as The Cars so it will make any Cars fan happy. The keyboards are so close to the old days at times that you forget you are listening to a 2011 release which is awesome. All of the tracks are good with a few great standouts: Too Late, Sad Song, Drag On Forever and the most authentic throwback track Hits Me. Move Like This while updated sonically is still very much a Cars record and for that I am thankful. It brings me back to a time in my life when music was food for the soul and the landscape was still being designed. Many bands have The Cars as an obvious influence so it is very gratifying to hear Move Like This and know that you are getting the real deal instead of old dogs chasing new tails. Put on your checkerboard Vans and buy this record!

4 (out of 5)