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Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Let’s get straight to it shall we? If you like Guns n’ Roses, Alice In Chains, Motorhead, Smashing Pumkins or Buckcherry you will like this band a lot. In fact I will go so far as to say the Title track Up From The Ashes would have been a hit on rock stations in the 90′s. ¬†Vocalist James Hart can growl and swoon with the best of them. Dillon Ray is a rock drummers dream while Aaron Boehler is perfect backing on bass. Although the guitars are great over all by Brandon Lynn and Joey Roxx it is Roxx that blows me away. Joey Roxx has an amazingly intuitive and melodic feel to his guitar work. His solos are often based around one note like David Gilmore on steroids and at the end of day I would rather a soulful soloist than a blowhard any day. Okay so there not reinventing the wheel but they are kicking serious butt and if you want loud in your face rock and roll these guys pack a massive punch. Burn Halo – Up From The Ashes comes out 6.28.11

Buy it and have a rocking summer!

4 (out of 5)



Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Journey? Yes Journey. Journey has been a guilty pleasure ¬†of mine since the 80′s and they have never really gone away. After “The Voice” Steve Perry lost his ability to sing Journey material the band went through a few singers that were all fine in a Steve Perry imitation kind of way. Even the most recent Philippine phenom Arnel Pineda started out that way except for the fact that he clearly has a much more powerful voice than any Journey frontman before him. In 2008 Journey released Revelation which they had intended as a way to introduce Arnel to the world via a best of Journey disc with him singing the hits. Journey enjoyed the recording session so much that they cranked out a fully serviceable new Journey 11 track disc. It has some great songs but anyone from Perry to Pineda could have sung those songs. This is what makes Eclipse so compelling, Arnel Pineda has arrived, this is his true singing voice and it sounds unique. Eclipse is a Journey album make no mistake however it is a different Journey album than we have heard before. The Pineda era has clearly fired up the band and the brand as Eclipse is non stop rock and roll ride. Neal Schon is killin it on this record his solos are nuts and his tones are heavier than they have ever been. Ross Valory is playing more Bass notes than I have ever noticed before and Jonathan Cain is back to playing organ on some of the tracks which gives some nice soul edges. Last but not least Deen Castronovo is a hard rock drummer and always has been, now he gets to let the beast out which is awesome! I have seen this lineup live and let me tell you Arnel Pineda is a rock star who owns the stage the moment he steps under the lights. I consider this record a great buy but hey if you want to try it out start with track one City Of Hope then you will know if you are in or out.

I am in.. all day baby!

No longer a guilty pleasure, just a pleasure. Journey rules!

4.5 (out of 5)