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Guns N Roses 12.21.2011 (Live review)

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Okay first things first…

“I heard Axl doesn’t go on stage till like  1am”

Nope. They went on at 1050pm and played a 3 hour set.

“Axl can’t sing anymore”

Wrong. He sounded awesome. His voice is in great shape and he hit all the high notes.

“I only want to see the original lineup”.

Short-sighted. Axl put together an amazing 7 piece band and they tear it up.

“Axl’s gotten really fat”

Incorrect. He’s gotten older, it’s 2011 dummy.

“They only play the new stuff.”

They play the whole new record (Which is very good if you give it a fair listen). They also play all the hits, and I do mean all.

“Axl’s only touring cause he needs the money”

Hahahahahahahaha… he’s fine financially.

The show was amazing. The only downside was with 7 musicians come 7 solos. Axl and crew put a lot of thought and heart into the set. Sure we would all like to see the cash cow reunion with semi original members but get over it. If you are or were a fan you are cheating yourself if you don’t see this Guns N Roses live.

4 (out of 5)



Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Dead Son Rising is basically a B-side collection which is funny because it’s a really good record in it’s own right. Gary Numan should go back in the vault and see if he has enough stuff lying around for a Dead Son Rising Part 2! You can’t ignore the Trent Reznor vibe of some of the songs but overall Gary Numan is there in all his Human/Robot hybrid static glory. The great thing about this record is that it feels like a new Gary Numan record. Dead Son Rising keeps to Gary’s universe but also manages to show something a little lighter at times by using Acoustic Guitar and Piano. Overall it plays like a record that was done at one time as opposed to collecting tracks not used and re working them (which is what he did) This is a must buy for any GNU fan, you won’t be disappointed! If you just wan’t a taste before you buy… Check out the official video for The Fall on you tube.

Every song is great because Gary numan is the real deal, and a true innovator of sound.

4 (out of 5)