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Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Jessarae is a singer songwriter who prefers slightly distorted guitars to acoustic ones. Jessarae is 16, he lives in Los Angeles.If you like Jeff Buckley, Chris Whitley and The White Stripes then give this kid a listen. ¬†Jessarae comes from a musical background and it shows on his debut record Pilot. Pilot is very well produced in a stark fashion by Danny Kalb (Blues Project) Jessarae’s (can we give this kid a nickname for golly gosh sake?) vocals are pristine in a high register that he controls with ease. What Jray lacks in life experience he makes up for in composition and melody. In the old days when I was still driving a Dinosaur to work there were these things called record labels and once in a while they would give an artist a chance to develop his or her skills over time… Those days are over for them but they do not need to be for us. ¬†Stuck on You is a good song to start with, nothing new here but it shows where he could be going. Jray’s a great looking kid and why that matters is that he is choosing to be a real musician instead of trying to parlay his voice and looks into becoming another Disney pop kid.This is a solid first effort from someone who I think over time could grow into something amazing (if he is allowed to that is) So lets support Jray so he can keep growing as an artist.

3.5 (out of 5)