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Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

I was fortunate enough to be on a press call this Am with Pete and Roger (yes we are on a first name basis now… in my mind) where they announced the new production of a live Quadrophenia tour to start in the USA! 37 dates on sale July 27th. This announcement comes on the back of a new Quadrophenia documentary Can You See The Real Me which will be screening next week for one night only at a theatre near you (see fathom events) The Who will again bring the greatest rock and roll album of all time to life in what is promised to be a new updated version that will focus on the central themes of the story. The last time The Who toured with Quadrophenia was in 1997. When asked what he remembers best about the 1997 tour Pete said “Madison Square Garden was wonderful chaos” I was at that show and it felt like my childhood was focused in retrospect at that moment. I for one cannot wait to see what The Who will bring to this new production which will be handled visually by Roger. The Who will also be performing at the Olympics (no other details yet) Pete said “Quadrophenia is a place where Roger and I feel comfortable, it is something that we can do together. Which is what I want”

Thank you Roger and Pete for continuing to do your thing.



Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Let me start by saying it took me a long time to review this
record because I wanted to get it right. At first the record bugged me because
it appeared to be a Prog-Metal 101 blueprint… But I kept listening to it.
Next it bugged me because the production is way too slick and everything is too
precise… But I kept listening to it. Next it bugged me because it’s too
perfect… and I keep listening to it, because it is perfect. A Dramatic Turn
Of Events is a perfect Prog-Metal record with all the melodic and instrumental
twists and turns that you expect from Dream Theater. Track one On The Backs Of
Angels is a great melodic song that eases you into the record and has the most commercial
appeal (Start with this one if you are not sure). Track three Lost Not Forgotten
is where the record takes control of the listener and shows why Dream Theater
is one of if not the best at what they do. All nine tracks are fantastic. A lot
of people were involved in the making of this record and they all deserve a
standing ovation.  If you are a fan of
Hard Rock, Progressive Rock or Metal this is a must own, but like me you may
have to listen to it twenty times before you realize that you love it.

5 (out of 5)