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Monday, August 27th, 2012

“Fight the good fight every moment, every minute every day. Fight the good fight every moment, make it worth the price you pay”. Triumph had success in the the 1980′s in ¬†America thanks to FM radio playing the album format bands but in many ways I still think they are still an under-appreciated band. The thing I like most about songs like Fight The Good Fight, Allied Forces and of course Magic Power is that they are Unapologetically hopeful. They speak of a time where there was still innocence in rock music. Triumph Live At Sweden Rock Festival (Available 8.28.12) told me two things: 1. These guys are awesome live 2. They need to play at night. The CD alone is worth the purchase but it also comes with a DVD of the same show (and not enough extras). The DVD is fun but they are playing in the daytime (just as they did at the US Festival many years before) but it really does not make sense for them now. Triumph is one of the best rock three pieces of all time (they add a second guitar for live shows) and it is obvious by this performance. After all these years Triumph still sounds great. I hope they play somewhere I can see them in this lifetime as I feel like I am missing out on something grand.

“I got the magic power of the music in me”

4 (out of 5)