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BOB MOULD – COPPER BLUE / SILVER AGE (live show review 10.30.12)

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Bob Mould the grandaddy of alternative music is amazing. This is the best Bob Mould band to date with Jason Narducy on Bass and Jon Wurster on drums. The band playing the Sugar seminal record Copper Blue in it’s entirety was a sight and sound to behold without any breaks between songs (old school Bob Mould move!). After Copper Blue we were treated to four songs from the current record Silver Age that stood up perfectly next to Copper Blue. From there to the Husker Du SST years! Two songs from New Day Rising, four songs from Zen Arcade and then one song from Flip Your Wig! Outstanding! The best part of all was seeing a clearly happy, energized and thankful Bob Mould. The only down side was that someone in front of us had the moldy beer farts which were utterly disgusting… But I can’t blame that one on the band.

5 (out of 5)