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DIO – Magica Deluxe Edition (Review)

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Dio was the man plain and simple. You either get why Dio was the man or you do not. Magica was Dio’s concept album but it doesn’t really matter because all of Dio’s songs could exist in this universe. Even though this is latter day Dio it rocks none the less with three great and certainly underrated songs in Lord Of The Last Day, Fever Dreams and of course the uber minor chord ballad As Long As it’s Not About Love.¬†Besides the unheralded Magica proper this package also contains a bonus disc which has Dio reading The Magica Story (ummm.. best book on tape ever, and worth the price all by itself!) It also has some live tracks but more importantly Electra which would have appeared on Magica 2! And did I mention bonus tracks? This is a must buy for Dio fans old and new.

Dio, we miss you.

5 (out of 5)