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Ted Nugent – The Black Power Tour 2013

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

Did you ever know that guy who told racist jokes but then said it was cool because he has black friends? But before I get caught up in “Uncle Ted” let me tell you about the opening act, Laura Wilde.

Laura Wilde is an Aussie transplant who plays a mean Dean guitar and sings. The music is straight ahead throwback rock in the Lita Ford tradition minus the fruity keyboards. Laura has great stage presence when she plays although her banter between songs  would be embarrassing were it not for her accent :“This side of the room make some noise!” Etc. I truly appreciate the fact that she believes what she is doing every moment of her performance and her band was tight and right there with her. The high point of her set was a cover of AC/DC’s 1970s song  Jailbreak… “And he made it out, with a bullet in his back…” Her original material was strong enough but I have yet to listen to her studio recordings so I will reserve judgment in that area because the sound at the venue for her set was really loud and fairly awful (not her fault). Overall not bad and will keep an ear open for her.

Ted Nugent is an amazing guitar player and his band is insanely tight (one of the best I’ve seen or heard in years). Derek St Holms is back and sounded amazing on the songs he sang lead on. These are the things I should be focusing on in my review, but because “Uncle Ted” forces his politics and hate mongering on everyone during and after every song, he’s fair game; and it’s too distracting not to comment on. First off is the Black Power 2013 Tour t-shirt with Ted and his double barrel shotgun guitar sporting a huge afro…. Huh? But wait he mentions how much he loves  Motown, Chuck Berry, James Brown, Buddy Guy etc. So that makes it okay right? Umm… no. He introduces one song by saying he wrote it when he was just a little black boy in Detroit and was only so high (hand gesture) but that’s not including my afro (raises hand gesture one foot) then tells us, “If you think that’s racist then go F yourself”  Ted, It is racist and I will not. But you can.

This being California he took shots at gay marriage and claimed that his music could make you straight. Let’s see what else did he say… Obama is a Black Panther in the white house, fat people are bloodsuckers on food stamps, George Zimmerman is not guilty he was acting in self-defense (Nothing like gloating over a tragedy!), I love the NRA, don’t F with me or I’ll shoot you, hate is American, America is the best although it sucks just a little less than the rest of the world, the constitution, freedom, freedom, freedom, I shoot a lot of animals but I eat them, In California this may sound crazy but in Texas it’s called common sense, you can’t play this music on a Jap guitar and I hate people on welfare….

That just about sums it up. Ted Nugent played a two minute version of Johnny B Good and said, “that proves I’m not a cracker… Oh, and I hate crackers.”

Ted, you are a cracker with a capital K.

I too love America and am happy to see that you can still spew your nonsense just like the most eloquent speaker at a klan rally because you are protected by the Constitution. That being said, “your America” is being replaced by a more understanding, culturally diverse, forward thinking society and will be better off when dinosaurs like you fade into the sure to be rewritten history books.

Did I mention Ted Nugent is a great guitar player?


5 out of 5 for rock power; 0 out of 5 for being a complete and utter tool.