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Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Boston’s new album in over ten years is worth buying for any fan but lets get a few things straight. First of all how many of the eleven songs are new? Eight. Of the three that are not new, two of them are better versions of songs from Corporate America (an underrated record by my account) featuring the late Brad Delp on vocals. So how many new songs have posthumous vocals by the great Brad Delp? One called Sail On and it’s awesome! At this point I’ll take anything that Tom Scholz says is Boston and I’ll enjoy it, because he’s a great songwriter and an amazing guitar player. What he is not, however, is a great drummer. He’s a serviceable drummer at best and the electronic sound of the drums makes some of the songs sound a bit demo-like at times; he really should’ve brought in a pro but ya know: control freaks etc… As on Corporate America, the lead vocals on most of the songs are shared by past and present members and all tracks have at least a partial vintage Boston feel which is great. As Tom himself laments in the liner notes, this is not about making money anymore. The only reason to make an album is if it’s a labor of love, which this obviously was. Is this an amazing new Boston record? No, but does it need to be? No. The are some great tracks here old and new and it’s really cool that Tom still wants to share with us! Thank you for that — see you when you tour!

3.5 (out of 5)