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Saturday, June 7th, 2014

So the knock on the new Bob Mould record Beauty And Ruin is that it’s nothing new. Ummm… that’s a good thing in my opnion (I remember his experimental stuff…) Besides any writer that is dissapointed with Bob’s musical growth is under 40 mark my words… No respect I tell ya!

Beauty And Ruin does play like a Bobs best moods record. Track one is right outta Black Sheets Of Rain. Track two has shades of Husker Du. Track three I Don’t Know You Anymore is just a wonderfull piece of  syrup pop that would have fit in perfectly on Sugar’s File under Easy Listening… Getting the picture?

The point is there is nothing new but there is a whole lot of Bob Mould power pop and post punk rock and roll to make us Mouldians happy.

The production is good although the drums are not as tight sounding as I would like and the vocals are a little buried (Again nothing new!)

Very important to note that this is like the good old days in that this record comes out only a year and half or so after the last one! (Silver Age is also a great record!)

The album is worth owning for old school fans as well as anyone who likes heartfelt alternative rock with awesome power pop hooks.

Check out I Don’t Know You Anymore live on Conan then buy the record!

4 (out of 5)