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King Leg — Meet King Leg (Review)

Monday, March 19th, 2018

King Leg — Meet King Leg co produced by Dwight Yoakam is an interesting mix because it doesent stay confined to the easy trappings of country music yet it has an undeniable Nashville production feel which makes it familiar yet somehow fresh. Bryan Joyce is the man behind the leg and he has his influences proudly on the outside! You will hear shades of Roy Orbison, Elvis “The King” Presley, Morrissey, a whisper of Chris Isaac and at his coolest moments you may even hear the late great Jeffrey Lee Pierce  (The Gun Club) floating around. This collection of songs came out Oct of 2017 but I am reviewing it now because of the April 6th Vinyl release! The record starts with a big cool sprawling American slice Great Outdoors which does indeed make me want to take that spring road trip through the flatlands. All the songs are great because the songwriting is super tight, the band is killer, the sound is sparse and the vocals are my kind of warble! Stefano Capobianco’s guitars are understated and never step on the vocals or acoustic guitar while the bass is handled deftly by Daniel Rhine. My current favorite (Should be the next single ;) ) Your Picture starts off with a sick series of drum fills by one of LA’s premier session drummers Kelly King who I understand is in the touring band as well which is fantastic because that means when I see them live there will be no surprises in the rhythm section! (the key to a great live band) Comfy Chair / A Dream That Never Ends is way too epic to be on a country record, it starts out a sorrowful lament and transforms into a strong case for being alone as long as it takes to be in the right place only to end right back where it began, yet somehow more desperate… The strength turns to the anger of the insecure… That’s my take on it anyway but what the heck do I know? It is a GREAT song so there’s that…

Overall this one is no brainer Bryan Joyce understands who he is and is unapologetic about it. He wears his influences but isn’t defined by them because he has his own authentic mojo running throughout.

Can’t wait to see this group live this summer!

4 (out of 4)