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KISS — END OF THE ROAD TOUR (2/12/19 Live in Anaheim)

Thursday, February 14th, 2019

So my buddie and I took our sons (Age 9 and 10) to see Kiss — End Of The Road Tour.


Also because we are passing on a great tradition to our next generation of rockers. = ROCK HARD AND BLOW STUFF UP!


The show was comprised of at least one song from every Kiss era and was a big thank you to the life long fans who’s inner ten year old sometimes still screams  to be let out!

I admit from time to time to being a Kiss apologist (I have slammed them in the past as well) so when I give Paul Stanley a pass for getting some help on vocals in some of the songs (additional pre-recorded vocal tracks) it’s because they have given me so much pleasure over the past 40 years and the reality is Paul Stanley’s voice is shot. Another thing is Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss are never going to reunite SO GET OVER IT. I would also remind you that none of the Kiss Alive records are actually 100% live… (On that note if you want to see amazing classic rock with no extra tracks or tricks  I would suggest you go see Styx, Blue Oyster Cult or REO Speedwagon to name a few :) )

Gene Simmons sounds great, is fun and gross like always, this version of God of Thunder is unreal in the special effects dept.!. Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer are great players and get grief they don’t really deserve for wearing the make-up. Eric Singer also played piano and sang Beth which was needed in this goodbye set.

The End Of The Road set is AMAZING! More pyro-technics than I have ever seen used by Kiss or anyone else for that matter. Lots of moving stage pieces better seen than explained!

1. If you have never experienced a Kiss show — Go!

2. If you have kids that like Rock and Roll — Bring em!

3. If you have a chip on your shoulder because you are pining for the old days like some super annoying purist — Get over yourself and go have some fun!

Go to the show, experience the majesty of Kiss, keep rock and roll alive, say goodbye to Gene and Paul respectfully because they deserve our love and support for all they have done in the name of Rock and Roll!

And yes our boys are now proud members of Kiss Army. BOOSH!


Set List: Detroit Rock City, Shout It Out Loud, Deuce, Say Yeah, Heaven’s on Fire, War Machine, Lick It Up, 100,000 Years, God of Thunder, Cold Gin, Psycho Circus, I Love it Loud, Hide Your Heart, Let Me Go Rock And Roll, Love Gun, I Was Made For Loving You, Black Diamond, Beth, Do you Love Me, Rock and Roll All Night.

(4 out of 5)