Boston / Cheap Trick / Heaven On Earth Tour 2014

I have seen Cheap Trick over ten times with and without Bun E Carlos on drums. And for a band that has written so many iconic songs they are unforgivably noisy and sloppy live… always. They are a very hard working band in that they never stop touring and recording but I would think they would want to give a better live show… wait they are called Cheap Trick right?… huh. I will stick to their records. But wait what about live at Budokan? Tons of overdubs after the fact.

Boston on the other hand has never sounded better. Seriously. The knock since the 1970′s is that Boston cannot come close to the recordings when they play live. That is no longer true thanks to a huge band (7) and modern technology. The great thing about this tour for me is that they played tracks from all of their records (ok so there are only 6 but still…) Tom Scholz the genious behind Boston looks and sounds amazing for a guy who is 66. Tommy Decarlo handels the Brad Delp songs very well as well as the others (Brad Delp was one of the best rock singers ever and was a tragic loss)  The backup vocals from everyone is really what finally gives it that Boston sound.

The last time Tom took out a Boston show was 2008, if you are a fan of Boston go see this show! (maybe skip Cheap Trick though…)

4 (out of 5)



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