Wow, wow and wow.

That’s all I can say. I am blown away by these performances!

As a good friend of mine John Cooper said “You can’t mess with Otis” (Ok so he  might have replaced the word mess with something stronger but you get the idea!)

This is prime Otis Redding with such hits as I’ve Been Loving you too long, Respect and one of my all time fav’s Mr. Pitiful. Multiple takes spanning 7 sets in their entirety! Including great moments of banter between the band. If your a die hard fan or just understand what “soul” music is you MUST PURCHASE THIS ASAP!

What I love most of all is that even though there are many repeated songs the feel of the versions often dependent by where they are in the set list and the energy level of the band definitely differ from one another, which really gives the listener a view into the world of the artist.

This kind of captured event is impossible now.

Own a great piece of history. Buy it.

J.S.L. (4 out of 4)

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