Styx – The Mission (Review)


Don’t call it a comeback they’ve been here for years!

Who on Earth would make a classic rock concept record about a manned mission to Mars?

Apparently Styx thought it was worth doing in 2017…. Bold, stupid or just plain nuts? BOLD!

Why not?  They have done everything already and should just do what they want.

The Mission marks Styx’s 16th album and here’s the rub…. The record is WAY better than it should have any right to be!

Possibly their best record since Pieces Of Eight (Yeah I said it) this is a natural progression of their sound –  this record is very 1976/2017 if you know what I mean…

Unlike many concept albums this is not an over indulgent musical project but instead a collection of tight songs each with a purpose that is directed towards the overall project. A Million Miles From Home (Track three) I must have listened to 20 times at least already!

Soaring harmony’s, 70′s style guitar grooves and sick solo’s are all held together by the most obvious update over the past 20 plus years Todd Suchermans drumming. Todd is probably top ten rock drummers in the world at this point… go see them live then try and disagree!

Classic rock is alive and well and Styx is holding the door open for future generations —


” Got my hands in the stars on a mission to Mars, and I’m a hundred million miles from home” Elon Musk’s favorite new record?

I hope so… Let’s do it. Let’s go to Mars!

Buy it (5 out of 5)


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