Lunden Reign — Confessions (Vinyl Record Review)

Lunden Reign is vocalist Nikki Lunden and Guitarist Laura Espinoza-Lunden (And some awesome studio musicians!).

This album was produced by Luis Maldonado (Train) who added great textured lead guitar work as well as co-writing credits.

Confessions is the follow up to their debut 2015 album American Stranger and it is very strong. What I really appreciate is that this record somehow successfully straddles adult contemporary and straight rock without ever coming off as cheesy. (Harder than it sounds folks)

Nikki is a GREAT singer, seriously talented and has so many shades of cool that touch great voices past like Lita Ford, Pat Benatar and of course the iconic Ann Wilson without ever sounding like a copycat.

Laura Espinoza-Lunden is the perfect match for Nikki in that her guitar playing is both understated and atmospheric without ever losing power. Laura also does heavy lifting in the songwriting department which of course no band wins without well crafted songs.

To that, upon second listen my initial favorite tracks are Coming Home tonight, Little Lost Girl, Never Ending Dream and Faded Memories. Any of which could get commercial radio airplay.

Putting out the initial release (and mastering) of this record on vinyl is brilliant because that is still the best way to listen to rock and roll and for those of us who get it’s like a big ole thank you!

There are no weak tracks on this 2nd Lunden Reign album. Well done ladies… Well done.

Keep on rocking!

(4.5 out of 5)




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