X – Alphebetland (Review)

First original album with original members in 35 years!

Wow, has it really been that long since we heard new songs featuring Billy Zoom on guitar? Yep.

Exene Cervenka – John Doe – Billy Zoom – Dj Bonebrake are back and can still pack a punch!

This is a cool 11 songs in around 27 minutes of old school vibes X. Don’t expect them to stretch too much as this original lineup stays close to the nucleolus of their collective sound.

This record makes me happy. My fave tracks so far are I Gotta Fever and Free. 

I will continue to enjoy this album over this weird ass Covid summer.

This may sound strange but i’m actually excited for the follow up to this record even more… don’t wait 35 years ok?

I Gotta Fever


(4 out of 5)


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