Ace Frehley – Origins Vol 2.

ACEAce Frehley is back at it with a follow up to his last “covers” album Origins Vol. 1 (Which had a mind bending version of Emerald by Thin Lizzy… just saying).

Ace Frehley – Origins Vol 2. Due out Set. 18 2020

Right off the bat I have to give a gigantic shout out to the production on this record.

The album starts with a killer version of Good Times Bad Times (Led Zeppelin). The balance between instruments is perfect right down to the drummers kick drum work which is on point (Better not try John Bonham songs if your not ready…). The Guitars and Bass are HUGE and Ace’s voice is front and center on all tracks. Ace’s guitar work has never been technically note for note perfect it’s just nasty and cool as hell which is the embodiment of ROCK AND ROLL!

Like Origins Vol. 1 there are amazing guest musicians (Sorry no Slash or Paul Stanley on this one) like John 5, Rob Sabino, Bruce Kulick, Lita Ford and Robin Zander!

It’s clear that every song was inspirational in Ace’s early life yet it never feels like he is “just” doing cover songs. He adds the special Ace rocket sauce to every track! (Ace Frehley Rocket Sauce Hot Sauce? Do it!)

Highlights for me:

Lita Ford the first lady of metal crushes the vocals on Jumpin Jack Flash (The Rolling Stones), Manic Depression (The Jimi Hendrix Experience) with guitarist Bruce Kulick (Kiss) just shreds. Speaking of shredding the guitar work on I’m down (The Beatles) between Ace and John 5 is off the charts  and is loose in all the right ways.

Space Truckin’ (Deep Purple) is s straight punch to the face rocker with one of the best studio drummers out there Matt Star keeping it on lock down. check it out here: Space Truckin

Years ago when I saw Ace at a Horror convention in Burbank CA his assistant was telling me about how Kiss was going to re-record with original members the first three records with todays technology. I couldn’t stop myself, I rolled my eyes and said “yeah that’ll happen” at which point Ace laughed out loud pointed to me and gave me his signature thumbs up.

After hearing the bonus track She (off of Kiss album 3 Dressed to Kill) that fantasy kicked off in my brain. I don’t believe Kiss original line up will ever record or perform again but man what if? Rolling my eyes again floating back down to reality. Next best thing? Ace re-does all or any of the first three records HE SURE KNOWS HOW.

Origins Vol 3? Sure why the heck not!

Guest musicians who are out there and completely rock regardless of whether you liked the bands they are in that I would love to see on Vol. 3:

Buck Dharma (Blue Oyster Cult), Tommy Iommi (Black Sabbath), Ann Wilson (Heart), Tommy Shaw (Styx), Kevin Cronin (REO Speedwagon), Angus Young (ACDC) just to name a few…

Ok that’s it for my wish list,

Ace keep putting out new material and cover albums and we will keep buying them.

Space Ace for ever!

(5 out of 5)



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