Here at Real Rock report we pride ourselves on being objective and giving every band a fair listen before review, that being said when I saw the cover of the new Lillian Axe CD I was like… Oh boy goth rock! but then I reminded myself not to judge a book by its cover and ya know make myself listen. What happened next was even more baffling… The first four songs were great! Lillian Axe has been around since 1983 or so and I will admit there were barley a blip on my radar so I was amused that many of their old time fans feel let down by their most recent efforts. Deep Red Shadows is well produced by founding member and guitarist Steve Blaze. Derrick Lefevre’s vocals are superb to the point of being fascinating… again that is only on the four songs. Instead of wasting my time and your’s on a full breakdown review (I am told some of these songs are remakes of their older material , etc.) I will say this: Who cares about the past, the first four songs are killer rock and roll and metal somewhere in the vein of The Damned (Phantasmagoria era) and Alice  In Chains with Dave Mustaine playing the leads, really it’s very cool in a theatrical way and even the goth overtone is subdued enough not to be annoying. Anyway track five Nobody Knows is an acoustic track that could be on a Great White record and while it is not the worst thing I have heard (especially the awesome guitar) it does signify the death of promise on this record as the last four tracks following are also ho-hum nothing special but nothing terrible acoustic tracks. In short this band has an obvious identity problem: Are we a metal band? What are we  anyway? So here it is in a nutshell: This record is a big disappointment because side A if you will rules and side B is snoresville think Black Flag’s My war so much promise but never delivering the goods. It was a choice to release this as a full record instead of a EP which is what it really should be. If you like operatic pop metal then go to I-tunes and download Under The Same Moon, 47 Ways To Die, The Quenching Of Human life and A Minute Of  Years. These guys have been around long enough to know you are only as good as your last trick and this one thanks to poor planning is a dud, I could have and should have been a new fan. Instead I am an almost was, drifting back into the obscurity this band has earned.

1.5 (out of 5)


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