Vessel is an album rock band pure and simple, the five songs represented here read more as a demo than an official release. That being said Vessel is a sleeping giant with something very compelling about them. Imagine yourself on a deserted freeway at three in the morning driving away from the worst moment of your life when suddenly in the drowning rain a warm feeling comes over you and you know at that moment that life goes on and that everything will be all right. This is what I get from frontman, guitarist and vocalist Alex O’ Keefe and really from Vessel as a whole. The songs all rise and fall between quite desperation and wall of guitar dropped g fury. My picks are track 1 You Are The Ocean and Track 3 Mnemosyne (the most radio friendly song and you name it this? Sure that’s easy to remember and Pronounce!) The rhythm section is an interesting juxtaposition with unchained beast Nico Bazzoni on drums and David “the sound of reason” Zakharov on bass (the truth is without David’s solid grounding on bass I think they might actually float away) Another interesting touch is Zack Rice who does some weird aural sound scaping that gives them that post nuke dread in the background and between songs. The problem with the record is that you have to let it take hold of you and that takes a few listens which we know in this day and age is very hard to get people to do. There are a million bands out there doing what they do, Vessel is for real, their work ethic is strong and they believe in their message and so do I. There is something important about this band but as of yet I cannot put my finger on it. Recorded and mixed by Rice and O’keef in surprisingly good fashion. What I would like to see is a full ten song concept album produced by the likes of Adam Dutkiewicz… call me nuts but these kids could forge a scene unto themselves, but first their gonna need some help.

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3.5 out of 5 Anarchy Speakers

One Response to “VESSEL – SELF TITLED EP”

  1. vessel says:

    thank you so much for the kind words – you don't know how much it means coming from you – the record is available on itunes – all the best

    –the "sound of reason"