Day Of Fire’s new album Losing All starts with an awwwwwww yeah that could have been on a Dr. Dre record back in the day but then builds into an almost Gun’s N Roses hype before kicking full bore into track one Light Em Up. While there is really nothing new here what you do get is a well crafted rock song that makes things clear, Josh Brown is a singer of range and power, Joe Pangallo will rip your balls of with his ax pounding (if you are female, he will rip your girl balls off) Chris Pangallo on Bass and Zach Simms on drums are a settled rhythm section as good as any out there. All of the songs (except Strange) have sing song chorus’s with the most effective being Light Em Up, Hello Heartache, Cold Addiction, Hey You and Never Goodbye. That’s five out of thirteen, which if you are realistic is an amazing average (besides the rest of the songs all have something of their own worth checking out) My pick for best song hands down is Never Goodbye which is a beautiful power ballad full of thoughtful guitar as well as a real format to spotlight Josh Brown on vocals (not to mention the best production on the record) When I first heard the final track The Dark Hills I noticed Jesus working in the lyrics so I needed to take a closer look to make sure what the agenda was, what I found is that lyrically it starts out as a foxhole prayer for the terrified but eventually ends with an affirmation of faith which takes guts and which I think is important in these dark times (doesn’t matter what your faith is by the way). So basically these guys rock in a STP, Alice In Chains kind of way with enough authenticity to not get bogged down by their influences. The only thing I don’t love is the vocal effect treatment as I feel Josh Brown’s voice speaks for itself and doesn’t need all that fake distortion nonsense featured on some of the songs. So in closing my rock and roll family I leave you with this: This album could do well for these guys because there is enough possibility for commercial application. More importantly to me, this album gives me that special feeling I rarely get… I wan’t to see Day Of Fire play live!… I Just got a feeling they would bring it.

3.5 Out of
5 Anarchy Speakers

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