The Damned (35th anniversary tour live review 10.30.11)

Manic Hispanic opened the show. They play well known punk songs but change the lyrics so they fit into the novelty act of hispanic slang reference… ummmm… okay.

The Damned took the stage and played their 1970′s set with blinding speed. The sound was surprisingly bad and the slam dance pit was violent, irrelevant and stupid. After the 1970′s 40 minute set they took a 15 minute break… huh? I know they are old but come on. The 1980′s set was better purely because the songs are more interesting and contain more musicianship. Dave Vanian and Capt. sensible were great as expected. I love The Damned (and always will) and the great moments were in fact well worth the ticket price. The Damed played 2 hours 15 minutes which was about 30 minutes too long. All in all the show was just okay. By far the coolest thing was the free high rez download of a live show you get when you buy a 25$ T-shirt. I’m listening to it right now and it is MUCH better than the show I saw. 35 years and still going strong… I guess so.

2.5 (out of 5)


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